Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany, November 8th 1975
audience recording by R. Claasen

Lineage : master cassette > 1st gen cassette > CDR > flac
The master cassette is no longer in existance.

1. Theusz Hamtaak
2. Hhai
3. MDK
4. Ptah

Magma live at Fabrik, Hamburg, November 8th 1975. Another fine audience recording of the 1975 line-up. This is the raw source just as I got it.
This CDR has been made of a 1st gen cassette copy of the master, using the original recording device for playback while copying. As the master is reportedly lost, this seems to be the best available source. All circulating copies come from this 1st gen dub of the master.
This has always been my favourite 1975 tape, not only because this is from my hometown, also because I have had so many eyewitness reports from friends here in Hamburg, who still (after 33 (41) years) rave about this concert.
The tape proves this. The performance is outstanding, Vander is in top form that night.

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