Theatre D'Alhambra
Bordeaux, France

February 12, 1976


Disc 1
101 Emehntehtt-Re (6:14)
102 Hhai (11:11)
103 Theusz Hamtaahk (32:23)

Disc 2
201 Ptah (20:18)
202 Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (43:02)

TT - 113:10

I got this in a snail mail trade several years back. This was described as a "Tom P" remaster of this show, which meant nothing to me at the time. However, I can now ascribe this to the sterling work of Mr. Tom Phillips so thank you very much to him.
This is apparently an audience recording but it's a really good one. The show itself is also excellent. In short, if you're a Magma fan and don't already have this you should grab it.

Christian Vander - Drums, Vocals
Stella Vander - Vocals
Klaus Blasquiz - Vocals, Percussion
Didier Lockwood - Violin
Gabriel Federow - Lead Guitar
Bernard Paganotti - Bass Guitar
Benoit Widemann - Keyboards
Patrick Gauthier - Keyboards