MAGMA, "Zombies in the Storm", 1977 06 15, Orlans, FR, (sdb?) - UPGRADE

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Thanks to Hemix for this work


Hemix says

The very good and famous recording of Orleans, 15th June 1977, freshly upgraded.
This is most probably a soundboard recording, but I would rate the sound only 7,5/10 (not excellent). Nevertheless, it's a must have for every Magma fan because it contains many unreleased track, and most notably the famous long version of Zombies, unavailable on any other boot.

1 Emhnthtt R (intro) (6:21)
2 Hha (13:40)
3 De futura (14:31)
4 Zombies / Emhnthtt R II (21:30)
5 Ptah (4:53)

1 Morrison in the storm (11:49)
2 Titilbon (6:36)
3 Mekank Destruktw Kommandh (39:00)
4 Troller tanz (3:37)

Christian VANDER - drums, vocals
Jean DE ANTONI - guitar
Benot WIDEMANN - keyboards, synthesizer
Guy DELACROIX - bass
Clment BAILLY - drums, keyboards, voice
Klaus BLASQUIZ - vocals, percussion
Stella VANDER, Liza DELUXE, Florence BERTAUX - vocals

guest : Ren "Stndhr" GARBER - saxophone (M.D.K)

what was done in this upgrade :

- right / left balance corrected on all tracks

- severe volume fluctuations were on many tracks. All have been repaired, sometimes using patches from other parts of the song

- an annoying cut in the middle of Zombies (long version - or Ehmenthett R II as it is now known) have been repaired, without losing any music.

- 2 cuts were on MDK. A bit of music was lost because of the first cut (at approx 14 min) so I did my best to remove it while having a seamless performance, but connoisseur will notice a transition that is not on the original composition - but that's better than having a hole. The second one was a cut with overlaps, so there was no difficulty to remove this one.

- I improved transitions between songs : some were abruptly cut on the original recording.

- I boosted the treble a bit to make the sound less muffled and I removed a bit of hiss. But nothing miraculous here.

- Designed a new cover artwork and chose a title for this version "Zombies in the storm"