Theatre Municipal, St. Malo, France,
October 14th 1978
Lineage 2nd gen cassette > CDR > flac

zund 1
1. Retrovison
2. Last Seven Minutes
3. Gorgo and Urgon
4. Ptah

zund 2
1. Hhai
2. Nono
3. MDK
4. Why this Man

Line-Up :

C & S Vander, Blasquiz, Garber, Deluxe, M. Herve, A. Herve, J-L Chevalier, M. Popkiewicz
(according to Ork Alarm website)
transfered and uploaded to dime by hanwaker 3-07

this is an upgrade to torrent as it is a known 2nd generation (which not only sounds better than the previous torrent) adding 2 more songs worth some 35 min more of zeuhl music and nono is not cut off at the end