December 11 1996
Paris (France)
Auditorium Des Halles




01 intro
02 kobaia
03 de futura
04 hhai
05 kohntark´┐Ższ
06 MDK

Avantprog Memorial Series #4

These concerts all come from the archive of Randy Jones. A long time trader/taper who went by the name Avantprog on this forum, and Malesch on some others. Randy was a good friend, and a true Texas gentleman( despite living in the Northeast for the last decade). Randy and I made regular road trips for concerts, including our annual pilgrimages to Quebec for the Victo fest, to Progday, Nearfest, and many others. Randy passed away on December 26 2009 after a 9 month battle with liver cancer, leaving a wife and two daughters. It was their wish that I have these recordings, with an eye towards saying thank you to the community of music lovers that Randy held dear.

Randy was a Magma fanatic. Myself, less so. There are a big pile of magma discs here, but after going through the botlist and other on-line resources, this was the only/best show that hadn't been previously seeded or banned/released. Apparently there was a 2 night stand in Paris, both of which were filmed, and there exists a sbd of the second night. This tape has some mic knocking/level adjusting at the beginning and end, and quite a bit of room ambience. Sounds excellent though, as if the mics were stand mounted. I didn't do much but retrack, adjust some levels, and create a few fades

reseed to dime by hanwaker 2017-02