Artist: Magma
Venue: Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach, Germany
Date: 1999-07-17

MAGMA live at the Burg Herzberg Festival for the first time. Fantastic concert in good sound quality.
And the setlist is one of the best they ever played (in my opinion).

Thanx to Shigetoshi Miyamoto for this one.
Received this as audio-CDS, with no information on how or by whom it was recorded.
Converted to FLAC using Bonkenc with the highest possible quality.

If you like this music, please support the artist, visit their homepage and buy their records!

Hope to see you all this year at Burg Herzberg Festival where MAGMA will play for the 3rd time!!!

01 � Introduction / Announcements 1:30
02 - Theusz Hamtaahk 33:13
03 - K�hntark�sz 32:35
04 - Mekan�k Destrukt�w Kommand�h 40:58


Christian Vander - Drums
Stella Vander - Vocals
please help with the lineup...