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this here is a different taper @ different spot with different equipment
further more this upload has the correct songorder
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2000-02-07 (7 February 2000)
London (UK)
Royal Festival Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Purcell Room
The South Bank Centre

aud-master recording
taped by Thomas L. with vivanco EM 216 and sony D7
transfer from dat in 2000> cdr

2017 cdr>EAC>WAV
(reworked soundcheck/ lowered applause during the show /retracked)>FLAC


01 intro
02 theusz hamtaahk

this is ...if you want to burn to cdr..otherwise continue to cd02
-bonus- 13:51-
03 soundcheck snippet no1
04 soundcheck snippet no2
05 soundcheck snippet no3

01 Wurdah Itah

01 MDK
02 (encore applause)
03 La Ballade (first live performance)

Christian & Stella Vander, James Mac Gaw, Philippe Bussonnet, Emmanuel Borghi,
Isabelle Feuillebois, Antoine Paganotti (Voix, Batterie), Jean-Christophe Gamet

a hanwaker upload to dime 2017-03

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