Mulhouse (France)
"Le Noumatroff"

rec by juhab1
Lineage: audience DAT master (Aiwa CM30/Sony D8) > cdr > eac > wav
2017 : substituting complete theusz hamtaahk from ol'hanwakers cdr (the version from the original upload was midway 2 mins short)
fixing applause volume
and fixing a dozen drop-outs during CD3 tr3 -the encore Ballade ( this a minor drawback on this upload) .. you can still detect these errors - they sound like a crackle)

good sounding audience of a great show!

[..there is also a hanwaker and a rapideye master but juhab1 was the choice ! to burn to cdr..
happy of these other masters should have a faultless encore]


1. Theusz Hamtaahk (34:20)

1. Wurdah �tah (50:01)

1. Mekan�k Destrukt�w Kommand�h (43:03)
2. applause/band intro (03:11)
3. Ballade (09:22)

Line up:
Christian Vander (drums, vocals)
Stella Vander (vocals)
Isabelle Feuillebois (vocals)
Antonie Paganotti (vocals)
Jean-Christophe Gamet (vocals)
James McGaw (guitar)
Emmanuel Borghi (keyboards)
Philippe Bussonnet (bass)

upload to dime by hanwaker 2017-03

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