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Title: Magma LeSunset Feb 8 2002 very good AUD
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Live at Le Sunset, Paris, France February 8, 2002


Here is something I have never seen circulating.
It was recorded with a digital mini disk by a friend of mine. I know nothing else from source.
What I know is: this is a really good audience recording.
I added artwork

Live at Le Sunset, Paris, France February 8, 2002

CD 01
01. intro
02. K�hntark�sz
03. applause / announcement
04. Floe Essi

CD 02
01. announcement
02 - 05 - K.A.
06. applause / announcement
07. Liriik Necronomicus Kanht
08. Ballet Slave
09. Final applause

Christian Vander drums, vocals
James Mac Gaw guitar
Philippe Bussonnet bass
Antoine Paganotti vocals, drums
Emmanuel Borghi piano
Isabelle Feuillebois, Imiko Paganotti, Stella Vander vocals

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