W�rzburg (germany)
Artrock Festival

aud matrix recording
created 2017-03 by hanwaker
all below sources from cdr>EAC>wav

source 1: juhab1
aiwa cm30 > Sony T-Tcd100
2m in front from organ balcony on pole

source 2: hanwaker
aiwa cm30 > Sony D7
from organ balcony

source 3: rapideye
sony ms907 >sony MZ 700
bottom row ~ 7 from front


01 intro charlie
02 k�hntark�sz
03 ka
04 ballet slave
05 mdk extrait
06 ballade

matrix sources
01 -source 1
02 -source 1 and source 3
03 to end -source1 and source 2

mind you > this is recorded in a church ... so the cymbals are flying high
and a resonate bass is surely missed.
i was a taper and an eye-ear witness..what a recording can do justice to what my ears/eyes encountered in that church..
i recorded in churches some more times after this event,,
i can tell you it is a challenge for audience tapes to sound nice

Christian & Stella Vander, Emmanuel Borghi, Philippe Bussonnet, James Mac Gaw, Isabelle Feuillebois, Antoine Paganotti, Himiko Paganotti (Voix)

upload to dime by hanwaker 2017-04

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