2010 november 29th, Le Duc des Lombards, Paris, France, first show


Canalsat DVB-S radio (TSF JAZZ radio broadcast) > Computer SoundbasterLive > Wav > Flac8
sound quality A+

First of two shows

I've splited the second piece because some advertisings

01-Slag Tanz
02-Ėmėhntėtt-Ré part 1
03-Ėmėhntėtt-Ré part 2
04-Ėmėhntėtt-Ré part 3

Christian VANDER / drums, vocals
Stella LINON / vocals, percussions
Isabelle FEUILLEBOIS / vocals, percussions
Hervé AKNIN / vocals, percussions
Bruno RUDER / Fender Rhodes
Benoīt ALZIARY / vibraphone
James MAC GAW / guitar
Philippe BUSSONNET / bass