'Mythes et légendes-Le retour'
Le Triton, Les Lilas (France)
June 30, 2011

Eight hours of music, four separate two-hour concerts. This was the challenge Christian Vander laid down to his musicians in January 2005. They picked up the gauntlet and ran with it. Full houses for three weeks representing the essential repertoire of the mythical Magma: 'Mythes et légendes'. The concerts were filmed and 4 dvds, Epok 1-2-3-4, were released between 2006 et 2007.
A few days ago The Triton at Les Lilas (near Paris) had Magma back for a 'résidence' during which they assembled more than an hour's worth of material composed between 1971 and 1979 which did not appear on the 4 Epok disks. The result has been heard over the series of 8 concerts, some of which have been filmed to complete the dvd collection.

This is Day 6 - June 30, 2011.

Christian Vander : drums, voice on 'Félicité Thosz'
Stella Vander : voice, percussion
Isabelle Feuillebois : voice, percussion
Hervé Aknin : voice, percussion
Bruno Ruder : Fender Rhodes
Benoit Alziary : vibraphone, theremin
James Mac Gaw : guitar
Philippe Bussonnet : bass guitar

set 1 [50.00]

1-01. intro
1-02. Attahk (a.k.a. Retrovision)
1-03. applause, talk
1-04. Riah Sahiltaahk
1-05. applause, talk (intermission)

set 2 [81.00]

2-01. intro
2-02. Dondai
2-03. intro
2-04. Felicite Thosz
2-05. Slag Tanz
2-06. applause, band introduction
2-07. (encore) Maahnt
2-08. applause (conclusion)

master, audience recording
Edirol R09 (internal mics) > SoundForge 9.0 (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (FLACs and checksum file)
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