Magma, 2012-08-03, Zappanale#23, Bad Doberan, Germany

Well, this isn't a flawless recording.
The Arf society didn't put up a big tent opposite the stage.
That means a big sound bounce from the stalls oposite the stage.
I think I did a good job to avoid this.
They should fire the guys at the mixing tables. Overall it was that bad that people from the public said in others gigs to the artists what the mixers should do.
Heavy rains. I managed to keep my equipment dry, but it caused the band after track 3 to put in a 10 minute pause just to dry the equipment. I left that out.
Power problems. My fault. After 16 minutes my batteries went down. I replaced them quickly, but the others turned out to be empty as well.
It took some minutes to get my third pack which worked well, but still those minutes are missing. You hear track 3 fading in as I am approaching the stage.
That #*&##@! whistling guy. Due to health problems I couldn't move from him, he was enthousiastic take it for granted.
Hopes someone turns up with a better recording.
This is all I have to offer you. Enjoy it anyhow.

As I am kicked off DIME feel free to reseed elsewhere.

Christian Vander (drums, vocals),
Stella Vander, Isabelle Feuillebois & Herv� Aknin (vocals),
J�r�mie Ternoy (electric piano),
Philippe Bussonnet (bass),
James MacGaw (guitar)
Beno�t Alziary (vibes & keyboards)

Help with the setlist appreciated.

Zoom Handy H2�s rear mics (120 degree angle mode) > USB > HDD > Audacity > WAV > TLH(8) > FLAC

Recorded & upped by YoungPumpkin.