LDB Master Series #387

Welcome to my Master Series which started way back in November 2005. This series is only about masters, concerts I
recorded myself either from audience or from radio/TV broadcasts. Occasionally I could also share masters that have
been kindly given to me by many friends and fellow tapers I have been meeting during my long career of live taping

Please DO NOT share this music on mp3. if you want to listen to these shows on your own iPod, feel free to convert
the files in lossy format for your own use and enjoyment. Do not put lossy sources in blogs or sites for downloading,
always use the lossless FLAcs which will ensure that the quality I have put in these recording is preserved. Sharing mp3
is the right way to make me stop sharing music here.

Also, please do not SELL these concerts. These have been recorded and shared by me with the only purpose to give it
absolutely free of charge and no profit should be made by those who took these files for free. I am quite picky and
do regular checks on websites to see if any of this series are being sold. I have been quite successfull in having
them removed from sale and even to shut down the site (don�t ask me how :-)

Finally, some notes about your truly ldb: I have been a fan of live music since I was 9 years old and my first taped
show was at 11 using a crappy portable cassette player with embedded microphone.
I become more serious about taping in 1983 when I started to record every show. In 1991 I acquired my first Sony
Professional and in 2000 I moved to MiniDisc to settle on R-09 in early 2008 and now finally with a Zoom H4n.

I have attended over 500 shows in my career. I really like the live spirit because you can really test if a band is just
a fake in studio or if they are really a shining star in concert. capturing the moment by recording it means being able
to listen to it once again and have a sort of "re-play" of the moments I enjoyed during the show.

Some of the best shows I have attended were Pink Floyd in Chantilly 1994, Miles Davis Paris 1991, Porcupine Tree Milano 1997,
Marillion Bologna 1985, Paul McCartney Milano 1989, Pearl Jam Milano 1992, Rush Stuttgart 1992, Mercury Rev Milano 2001,
Dream Theater Paris 1992, Genesis Milton Keynes 1992, Magma Paris 2009, Pat Metheny Group Milano 2005, Radiohead Verona 2001,
Santana Milano 1984, Peter Gabriel Paris 1983, Supertramp Paris 1983, U2 Milano 1992 and many more

I truly believe that live music is what keeps music alive, what make us enjoying it together, what allow us to
have deep feelings and transmit it to others. Studio records are nowadays 'commodities': you can buy online as
anonymous wav files and listen in your iPod or at home. Live music will always imply an effort to buy the tix,
see the show, be attentive and receptive to the music.

Les Lilas, Le Triton
November 12, 2014

01.K�hntark�sz Anteria (K.A.)

TT 126:40

Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid) > Zoom H4n (24bit/96kHz) > HD > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Christian Vander: drums, vocals
Stella Vander: vocals
Isabelle Fueillebois: vocals
Herv� Aknin: vocals
Philippe Bussonnet: bass
James Mac Gaw: guitar
Beno�t Alziary: vibraphone
J�r�mie Ternoy: piano
Julie Vander: vocals

Three weeks in a row, four shows per week. This is the monster schedule for Magma at Le Triton in Les Lilas, which is since many
years the "home" of the band. Same band but brand new setlist, for the first time ever the live rendition of the "K�hntark�sz"
trilogy. Apparently this is something the band will be playing for a short time only.

The concert has been a great live experience. Such a powerful band delivering such powerful pieces of music. It must be a very
demanding performance: over two hours out of which the first track alone clocks approx 45 minutes. A very engaging proof for
the whole band.

If you are in the Paris area, just one recommandation: go and see them live. They will play next week as well. And most of all
buy all their official releases.