Vienna (austria)
wien (�sterreich)
porgy & bess

first ever gig for magma in austria
( offering played the szene in vienna 1987-11-14)

AUD Master Recording

source 1 "H"
Sony ECM-719 --> Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH1 --> Sonic Stage --> HD wav ->flac -> wetransfer
source 2 "elric66"
Sony ECM-719 --> edirol 09 --> HD wav ->flac -> wetransfer

both recordings matrixed in audacity by hanwaker 2015-10
(volume corrections, synched, applause lowering etc)


01 -introduction-
02 K�hntarkosz
03 -stella speaks-
04 Slag Tanz

cd split

05 MDK
04 -encore-
06 Zombies

thanks to elric providing the raw files
i kindly asked him to go see and tape magma in vienna
i think he has no regrets

H�r !

recording by elric and his friend H.. mix by hanwaker
upload to dime 2015-10