High energy set in a small non-seated venue, maybe a bit short. MDK has a Christian Vander solo vocal part instead of the bass solo. A few seconds of confusion at the beginning of "Zombies". Nothing to worry about, my best Magma show (of 4).

There might be a bunch of other tapes on the way. Dimer 'Biddie' told me he counted ~10 tapers. I can confirm at least 5.

Christian Vander - Drums
Stella Vander - Vocals, Percussion
Isabelle Feuillebois - Vocals
Herv� Aknin - Vocals
J�r�me Martineau-Ricotti - Keyboards
Beno�t Alziary - Vibraphone
Rudy Blas - Guitar
Philippe Bussonet - Bass

00 [audience] 1:21
01 Theusz Hamtaahk 38:39
02 Mekan�k Destrukt�w Kommand�h 44:10
03 Zombies 11:08

Total: 1:35:18

Lineage: ZOOM H1 48/24 > Master (WaveLab) > flac 44/16

Recorder's position ~3 m from stage, center

Mastering: a bit extra @ 3000 Hz, leveling (anncouncements++)

Recorded & mastered by Wannerl

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