Blackwater Stage
Base r�gionale de loisir Vaires-Torcy
Fall of Summer Festival 2017 (4th)
Torcy, France

18h45 ==> 19h55

Borispider master : aiwa cmds6 - Zoom H1(48-24) > Flac / 44-16 (Goldwave)

hanwaker mastering ( from raw file)
first i got to say do not expect a great recording it is uneven and a bit distant
the first 1.20 mins are marred by crackles and other sound problems. I could reduce some > but many survived my attack
while time progresses the recording gets better - a rough start -- a nice finish--
just a short festival set

(72 min)

02 Theusz Hamtaahk
02 MDK

all thanks to boris spider