2017 10 10
Hamburg DE 95.24

Venue: Martkhalle

Taped and edited by LoveBoatCpt
Lineage: ZOOM H2 > Audacity (levels, tracking) > flac


00 [audience]
01 �m�hnt�htt-R� I-III
02 [audience - Stella speaks]
03 Theusz Hamtaahk
04 [encore break - Stella speaks]
05 Ehn De�ss (Offering)

Total Time: 95.24 min.


Christian Vander - Drums
Stella Vander - Vocals, Percussion, iPad (Synth)
Isabelle Feuillebois - Vocals
Herv� Aknin - Vocals
Philippe Bussonnet - Bass
Beno�t Alziary - Vibraphone
J�r�me Martineau - Keyboard
Rudy Blas - Guitar


Notes: From my facebook conversation with Magma (very likely it is Scarlett, Stella's assistant):

LBC: "Why has the last part of Emehntett-Re been left out?" (meaning Part IV)

MAGMA: "You may not have noticed but Isabelle was sick, her voice was "broken". Stella's voice was also very tired. In the last part of ETR there's very high notes for the singers, so..."

October 2017