Magnetic Fields
July 6, 2008
Berlin (D) - Passionskirche

DPA 4061 > MPS 6020 > Edirol R09, hanno's master
recorded from the 2nd row in front of the right PA stack
total time 106:02

set 1
01 intro
02 When I'm Out Of Town
03 California Girls
04 All My Little Words
05 Come Back From San Francisco
06 Old Fools
07 Xavier Says
08 Walking My Gargoyle
09 No River
10 Too Drunk To Dream
11 Till The Bitter End
12 Crows
13 Water Torture

set 2
01 intro
02 Lovers From The Moon
03 I Wish I Had An Evil Twin
04 Give Me Back My Dreams
05 The Grand Canyon
06 Papa Was A Rodeo *
07 Drive On Driver
08 The Nun's Litany
09 The Tiny Goat
10 Smoke And Mirrors
11 Zombie Boy
-- encore --
12 Three-Way
13 Take Ecstasy With Me
14 The Book Of Love

Stephin Merritt - vocals, bouzouki
Sam Davol - cello, backing vocals
John Woo - banjo, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Claudia Gonson - piano, vocals
Shirley Simms - vocals

* Stephin sings from the church's pulpit

Two words about this recording:
This venue is a church, and sound levels are always kept very low. At this show they were much lower, so
this recording needed a lot of work to done to it to minimize crowd noise.
I wish I'd had some higher sensitivity microphones, but that will be for next time.
You'll hear some unavoidable creaking benches and other weird noises.
Check the sample for overall quality.

The concert itself was fantastic beyond description.

Finally, thank-you to the tapers who posted the brillant recordings from the Spring shows in the US.

Enjoy, but please do not post this in a lossy format.