Magnolia Electric Company

April 1, 2007
Fool's Foundation, Sacramento CA

SP-CMC-8 > Church Audio 9100 > Edirol R09 (24/44.1)

Audacity: remove DC offset, bass boost, amplify, convert to 16 bit
CD Wave: split tracks
taper: jason ellis (
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Fool's Foundation is basically an art gallery in the basement of an office building (?) in Sacramento. Interesting show. There were maybe 25 people there. Definitely the quietest audience I've ever been in -- you could hear a pin drop between songs. It all added up to a nice intimate atmosphere to see these guys play. Sort of like having them over to play for you and your friends in your living room. Only vocals were run thru the PA.

Mics were on a stand about 5' high (seated audience) and about 10' from the band.

01 Talk to Me Devil, Again
02 What Comes After the Blues?
03 Lonesome Valley
04 Memphis Moon

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Info on the venue: