Magnolia Electric Co.
Amsterdam, NED
Paradiso, Kleine Zaal

Sound engineer: ???
Soundboard>XLR & Built In Mics>Zoom H4n>SD
Transfer: SD>PC>Audacity 1.3.5 (normalize, mix)>nero (tracking)>TLH>FLAC
by pavemalk

Disc One. 76:23 min.
01 An Arrow In The Gale
02 Little Sad Eyes
03 The Dark Don't Hide It
04 Hard To Love A Man
05 Hammer Down
06 Shenandoah
07 Down The Wrong Road Both Ways
08 Talk To Me Devil, Again
09 introducing the new bass player Sal
10 Josephine
11 Whip-Poor-Will
12 Leave The City
13 Rider, Shadow, Wolf
14 Ive Been Riding With The Ghost
15 Shiloh
16 John Henry Split My Heart

Disc Two: 13:47 min.
01 The Handing Down
02 encore break
03 Lawyers, Guns, and Money (Warren Zevon)
04 O! Grace

Jason Molina: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals
Jason Evans Groth: acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals
Michael Kapinus: piano, backing vocals
Peter Schreiner: drums, backing vocals
Chris Saligoe (SAL): bass