Carling Academy
Friday 18th May 2007
Title: Frog Prince & The Dodgy Memory

Audience recording
Taper - Soreballs

SP-CMC-2>Edirol R-09>Adobe Audition2/GoldWave>FLAC frontend_8

Disk 1
01. When We Were Younger
02. Back Street Kid
03. Out Of The Shadows
04. On A Storytellers Night
05. Like Brothers We Stand
06. How Far Jerusalem
07. Dragons Are Real

Disk 2
01. Les Morts Dansant
02. We All Run
03. The Spirit
04. All England's Eyes
05. Vigilante
06. Kingdom Of Madness
07. Thank You For The Day
08. Sacred Hour

Bob Catley - vocals
Tony Clarkin - guitar
Mark Stanway - keyboards
Al Barrow - bass guitar
Harry James - drums

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