Mahavishnu Orchestra
November 4, 1971
Jabberwocky Inn, Syracuse, NY

Source/Quality: aud

Miles Beyond
Dream (?)
Vital Transformation

John McLaughlin (g)
Jerry Goodman (vln)
Jan Hammer (el-p, synth)
Rick Laird (el-b)
Billy Cobham (d)

the above is the original info file for this posting.
this is a remaster of torrent #152886 uploaded to dime
on July 1st, 2007 by filos35.

remastering notes:
runtime here is 77:58 (same as before, no files were edited)
This may be the only torrent I've DL'ed twice on dime-
because the 1st time I found myself with "fla" files,
and had no clue what to do about that so I couldn't decode
my DL of this show to WAV for disc. Then someone in the
comments for the original posting said if you add a "c"
to "fla" files they basically become (decodable) flac files
(with flac frontend). I tried that and got the files used
for this remastering. I did not notice any sign of a problem
with any the files themselves.

I found there to be several tracks where the left side was
considerably overaccentuating compared to the right. This
might be a good idea in politics but it doesn't sound so
good in a Mahavishnu concert. Otherwise this recording is
pretty decent sound (far from outstanding however) except
there were several erratic level changes (not just from the
music) in several of the tracks. I have adjusted the levels
to balance out the whole show including the erratic changes
so they may not even be noticable any more. I found some of
them quite annoying and detracting to the continuity of this
fine music, and I know only some Maha. fans have the ability/
software/time and/or patience to fix that so I'm sharing my
fix of it. Also being very familiar with Maha. music helps too.
I have some other remasters to share too in due time,
not to compete with some other uploader's recent posting, but
this one was posted long ago, maybe even forgotten in the back
of the Mahavishnu dime catalog. This is the earliest Maha.
recording I've ever heard, and if you haven't heard it, the
playing is already very impressive. Yes that really is a dream
in there (a very early version of it and not the full monty).
I believe there is a WBAI broadcast, and a WAER broadcast of
late 71 Mahavishnu shows. (the WBAI one may be early 72, my copy
of that has no date/venue/info. so thus I can't post it) This one
is from WAER. I think WBAI is Syracuse (?), I don't know where WAER
is from (I think both are college stations). I was sent one labeled
Rochester a few years ago but I suspect that is this show which I
believe is correctly marked as Syracuse, (northern N.Y. state) at
the Jabborwocky. (I've heard it called both "club' and "Inn", maybe
both are correct?). I don't know if this is the whole concert, I
have one in a bit better quality but it's also about 5 min. shorter
than this is so I'm going with this since this is pretty close in
quality to the shorter version after remastering. I did not use any
"sound enhancement/noise reduction" methods here. But I think it made
enough of a difference to make it my 1st remaster post, mainly because
it's in my computer already and it is probably the oldest post I've
remastered so far (there are about 6 others I've done before this, all
considerably more recently originally posted but none of those have
been posted yet). another forward step for glasnostrd19 uploads.
(I hope). Presumably if you download this, your files will be in the form
of "flac", not "fla" (I have NO CLUE what that is, never seen it before
in well over a year DL'ing from the dime.). Because this is a remaster,
I have added fingerprints and a new MD5 file.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly
(as much as possible, anyway.
This old recording's
already lost enough.)