this torrent is a different source recording than the one found at #140749
posted on March 31, 2007 by Doinker, which lists it as "unknown lineage".
I haven't heard that one so I don't know how the quality compares to this,
and am including 2 sound samples in this one to help determine that
(and whether you want to DL this one or not). The only earlier Maha. show
than this that I've heard is Jabborwocky, Syracuse, N.Y. 11/71, and although
this may seem a short show, it is the whole show. (opening act)
Mahavishnu Orchestra
John Mclaughlin- guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Jerry Goodman- violin
Rick Laird- bass
Billy Cobham- drums
Symphony Hall
Boston, Mass.
January 26, 1972
(opener for Howard wales/Jerry Garcia Hooteroll)
source: 3 source FM matrix: tracks 1-3, source 1, which has some static
in parts but never very loud or long lasting. This is a 2nd gen. tape.
The rest is from 1st gen. (different master source) and sounds as good as
I've ever heard this show sound, but it also has some static. The fidelity is
quite good for a Jan. 72 FM recording, with great seperation of left and right,
but WBCN was hardly the megawatt giant it has been since circa early 80's.
The third source (unknown) only provides a few seconds of this recording, filling in
just a few seconds of talk after Dawn when John mentions he broke a string and
we'll be right back, at which point they cut away to a commercial, and cut back
in after John mentions Jan Hammer, just as he says "he's from Czeckoslovakia".
I have cut out all the commercials, and left all the music and talk in here.
The 3rd source is not as good as the other two, fortunately it's just barely
long enough to notice it, and there strictly to maintain the continuity of the
runtime: 63:43
1: tuning 1:24
2: meeting of the spirits > 10:51
3: you know, you know 8:57
4: radio announcer :09
5: band introductions :19
6: the dance of Maya 10:34
7: radio announcer :09
8: dawn 15:21
9: Binkie's beam 3:53
10: the noonward race 11:45
This show is so early I hadn't heard of Mahavishnu Orchestra yet then, and did
not hear this broadcast. This may be the 1st Boston Maha. show, although I suspect
they may have done a show in late 71 at Jazz Workshop or somewhere else. Just
a few months later, Maha. was touring almost constantly and played at least 2 more
Boston shows in 1972. One show I originally posted as 3/11/73 turns out to
not be that date, so it's likely late 72, but this is definitely the earliest 72
Boston Maha. show I know of, the start of a very fiery relationship (in a good way)
and still featuring the music of "Inner Mounting Flame" which is a good
description of this band's career. Even this early on, the flame was burning
brightly, but you can tell it's an early Maha. show. It may also be the best version
out there, since I've heard a few in varying quality and I'm sharing the best one I
could put together. Folks have said they want more Maha. So if anyone out there has
more original (or Apocalypse tour) Maha. please post it. The 1st rock band
I ever heard with a violin in it was this one, Ponty came a few years later for me
(since I didn't see him until 1976.)
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
Share the spirits.