The Mahavishnu Orchestra
live at the BBC Theatre
BBC-TV "Sounds for London" program
August 25, 1972
incomplete concert*
copy of a bootleg CD made from bootleg LP source
Phonygraf CD TPGRL-1112 "Dance of Maya"
2006 transfer and seed by (unknown)

March 2015 reseed by zootype:
FLAC files renamed and multiple loud pops and clicks removed from track 2 "Dance of Maya"

101 Meeting of the Spirits >
You Know You Know 26:11
102 Dance of Maya 16:40

* also performed but not included here:
- A Lotus on Irish Streams
- The Noonward Race

original seeder's notes:

"I am sorry but I can't tell you the exact date of this show. It is most certainly 1972 and probably early in the year by the way they play the
tracks, they got shorter as the year progressed and they amassed more material.
This was the first Mahavishnu Bootleg I ever heard (about 1974) and to me it is still the best. I have managed to collect
a vast ammount of their material over the years (most of it available in downloads over the years) but to me this one has such attack and passion.
Originaly released on vinyl on the Kornyfone label, this is a rip from the Oh Boy CD.
I ripped the CD using Nero copy and turned the files to Flac using Flac Frontend. I have tested the files and they are fine.
I did circulate this CD on Traders Den about a year ago so some of you might have this already.
If not then get it.
Sound quality is a great B+ or a not bad A- depending on how good your ears are. A few bits of distortion and drop out but over all it sounds great.
The CD is taken from the vinyl as you can hear some surface noise, but hell, who cares.
Please no MP3 copies and certainly no Ebaying. I shall be watching you!!!
Download, share and enjoy.
These boys are on fire!" - unknown

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videos from this show:

Meeting Of The Spirits/You Know You Know

A Lotus On Irish Streams

The Noonward Race


original ffp fingerprints:
The Mahavishnu Ochestra - Meeting of the spirit-You know you know.flac:9f1aa1c44bc7b2add52c02d5cc5ffa97
The Mahavishnu Ochestra -The Dance of Maya.flac:60ea7dad43a7834688d625b3d8a1d860

bootleg vinyl LP>bootleg CD>trade>dbAmp>flac>2006 seed

FLAC files renamed and multiple loud pops and clicks removed from track 2 "Dance of Maya";
new checksum files created and this info file revised;
original info file included.

Thanks to the taper and original seeder.

a zootype reseed March 2015

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