Mahavishnu Orchestra 1972-11-04 Student Union Ballroom, University of Kansas at Lawrence - Speed-corrected and rejoined from 2nd gen tape (Stratcat58) great performance!

Dime's contrast clause and explanation:

After receiving these cassettes from Stratcat58 in the mail last week, it became necessary to get clarifications as to how this torrent differs from Kinebee's repost found here:

The lineage of that torrent is verified as: Stratcat58's 2nd gen tapes (the tape itself)->Glastnostrd19 post->Kinebee repost

The lineage of this torrent is verified as: Stratcat58's 2nd gen tapes (the same tape itself)->Tascam 112mkII tape deck-> pitch correction in tape deck->Echo Layla 3G ->Sound Forge 6.0->many edits->flac via TLH, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity verified.

It's the same source processed differently with analog speed correction.

And, there you have it. On to the show!

This is wickedly good stuff. The increase in pitch brought about a major increase in sound quality - after shaky first opening notes the recording settles down to a nicely mixed performance. Many edits were done in order to smooth out the cuts. Cassette sides were rejoined and volume-matched. Cuts in "One Word" have many volume-matches in order to make the sound flow more smoothly. In a couple of instances the volume on the recorder was turned down too far to correct. That's been left alone as it's more natural sounding that way. You'll really like the sensitive performance on the track "Dream". Run time is now 100 minutes as the original tape ran almost a semitone slow. Sorry, there's no sample this time around, you'll have to trust me on how good this now sounds. I would rate the recording as a 7.5, but the performance is above 10.


Meeting Of The Spirits
You Know, You Know
One Word
Miles Beyond


A DoinkerTape