Mahavishnu Orchestra
Community Theater
Berkeley, CA

Source: Download from Lossless Legs posted by 'wharfratjoe' (thanks!!)

Lineage: KPFA reels (from the soundboard)->unknown transfer and mastering->CDR->EAC
(with proper offsets)->WAV->SHN>FLAC

Changes made (Nero 7):
Swapped over reversed L & R channels on first 2 tracks of each disk
Cross-mixed tracks (70:30)
- improves extreme channel balance, instrument clarity and noise

Quality: Definitely A++ now

The original sounds great, but with un-naturally wide stereo image with solo instruments
hard left or right and appears to have had some stereo broadening some time in the chain,
plus channels were swapped over on some of the tracks.

All that was easy to fix and now it sounds quite superb, almost CD quality, so here it is
by request of several Dimers in another recent MO post...

...Enjoy !!

Disc 1 (63.46)
14.08 Birds of Fire
15.31 Miles Beyond
09.38 You Know, You Know
24.26 Dream

Disc 2 (61.50)
18.57 One Word
20.40 The Dance of Maya
05.26 Sanctuary
08.21 A Lotus on Irish Streams
08.24 Vital Transform

Original Notes >>

Excellent soundboard quality. Enjoy!

This show smokes! As requested (in FLAC format) that is up on
dimeadozen.org [url]http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=49306 [/url]
in-case those may not have an account there.

I also have to thank me64 who originally seeded this here and on dime!!! Thanks Bro!!!