Mahavishnu Orchestra
John Mclaughlin- guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Jerry Goodman- violin
Rick Laird- bass
Billy Cobham- drums
Irvine Auditorium
Univ. of Pennsylvania (not to be confused with Penn State- different college)
Philadelphia, Pa. U.S.A.
December 9, 1972
performance quality; A-
recording quality: B (for this era, pretty nice)
source: 1st generation audience tape
runtime: 79:44 (without track 1, moment of silence)
80:55 (entire recording)
1: moment of silence
2: birds of fire
3: miles beyond
4: band introductions
5: the dance of Maya
6: sanctuary
7: one word
8: resolution
9: celestial terrestrial commuters
a nice fairly early birds of fire show with plenty of fire from a
nice auditorium on a college campus in Phila. This sounds to be the
whole show yet another suppluied by stratcat 58 thank you much, it
sounds good to me.I think there's 1 flip cut in here but it's a
good recording, alot better than and maybe same show as my misdated
"12/4/72 Phila Spectrum" tape. (that one was not postworthy at all).
This is one of the best sounding MO 72 auds I've heard.
Before anyone starts asking me, no Boston late 72 is one that I don't
have (yet), never heard a tape of it, and probably one that I saw (burnfest).
I like my Maha. early 72, late 72, early 73, late 73, anything with this
band that sounds good, If I don't have it and someone sends me one
(like this), it's getting posted. (unless there's legal restriction
against it). That's a LAW in my house.
If you're burning to disc, it will fit on an 80 minute disc if you
leave the moment of silence out (track 1).
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely/ losslessly,
gaplessly/cliplessly and glitchlessly.
This isn't just any glasnostrd19 torrent.
This is the Maha. Orch.
(God in human form).