Mahavishnu Orchestra
John McLaughlin- guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Jerry Goodman- violin
Rick Laird- bass
Billy Cobham- drums
Felt Forum
New York City, N.Y. U.S.A.
March 16, 1973
performance quality: A (flamed birds, and not turkey)
recording quality: B (nice aud for this time)
source: audience tape (unknown gen. but it's a clean one)
setlist disc 1: 72:50
1: tuning and talk 7:15
2: meeting of the spirits 15:28
3: open country joy 10:18
4: dream 26:11
5: miles beyond 13:40
disc 2: 43:50
6: one word 19:53
7: the dance of Maya 17:47
8: vital transformation 6:09
just when you might think you've figured out the "regular" set
for an early 73 Maha. concert, one like this pops up. I got to
see both OCJ and Miles Beyond live, don't ever remember hearing
both in 1 night though. (both are on birds studio album). This
is a birds of fire concert, the second tour, still trying out
the dream cycle and this one is not just a catnap, it's the
full monty. I think Dance of Maya is an encore here, just when
I thought it's not, but not the last song. this group doesn't
really have anything less than a great song, maybe my only
favorite missing here is birds of fire, but there was plenty
of fire in this concert anyway. Since Maha. played in August
2 nights in NYC and the unreleased concert was just posted by
filos35, this might be the previous NY appearance for the Maha.
and other than dream and one word, and a complete Dance of Maya,
all basically essential Maha. songs, the others are different
songs than those heard in the next NY show.
(They wouldn't want to bore a N.Y. audience.)
so is this Mahavishnu overkill? no way. With RTF's tour winding
to a close, we need a Mahavishnu revival. Whether we get one or
not, McLaughlin season is right around the corner.
(isn't it always?)
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
(this music is not cake.)