Mahavishnu Orchestra - SUNY New Paltz Master AUD (Mahavishnu Masters Flood) mp3 sample included - Amazing, incredible set

The boys are flying, in the stratosphere on this one! This is one great show. Listen to the sample if you don't believe me!

Many thanks to Dime Member Stratcat58 for gaining access to these masters.

During 1972-3, a local-area Northeast taper recorded five concerts of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and one of the McLaughlin-Santana Band. Here is the fourth of those concerts.

Here's an excerpt of the notes I received with these shows:

The digital transfer was done in the early 2000s using Goldwave to eliminate camera clicks, long periods of silence, and the occasional cough, as well as to smooth transitions. Before playing the tapes into his PC, the taper opened the cassette shells and transferred the tape spools into fresh cassette shells. The recordings were originally archived on CDR as APE files (a now rarely used lossless compression software). They were later de-compressed back to WAV and then re-compressed into their current FLAC format.

I hope you enjoy these fine performances.

Setlist (runtime about 69 mins)

Birds Of Fire
Open Country Joy
Miles Beyond
One Word

Lineage: (unknown portable cassette player w/plug in mic to MC ->Goldwave ->APE ->WAV ->FLAC ->Sound Forge ->14.5 cent speed correction ->Channel conversion (phase-shifted mono to true mono to true mono two-channel) ->FLAC via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified. FLAC integrity verified, SBE's OK, Losslessness (great word there) verified within Sound Forge.


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