Mahavishnu Orchestra
Montreal Forum, Montreal, Canada
13 July 1973

Soundboard --> reel-to-reel --> reel-to-reel (second or third generation) --> Mac --> CDR

John McLaughlin (guitar)
Jerry Goodman (violin)
Jan Hammer (piano, moog)
Rick Laird (bass)
Billy Cobham (drums)

CD 1
01 Introduction 0:56
02 Meeting of the Spirits 14:32
03 Miles Beyond 12:20
04 Steppings Tones 3:13
05 Sister Andrea 9:31
06 Dream 25:18
07 I Wonder > Awakening (beginning) 05:43

CD 2
08 Awakening (Part 2) 00:43
09 Awakening (Part 3) 04:51
10 Awakening (Part 4 - conclusion - incomplete) 06:51
From different source:
11 Meeting of the Spirits (incomplete) 12:41
(I don't remember the source & venue for this one, I think I have recorded it from an FM radio).

This show came originally labeled as: Montreux Jazz Festival 20-Aug-72
I and others are sure this is not Montreux but in fact "Montreal Canada July 13, 1973" the opening date of the 'Between Nothingness & Eternity tour' where they recorded the live LP in New York a month later.

This used to be traded amongst collectors as "unknown USA 8/1973".

The song list is nothing like they played or even the way they played some of the songs in August 1972.

I know over 1,000 people downloaded it last time and a lot of people think the title of "Montreux" is correct but I am sure it isn't so now it will be one of those shows where collectors have to adjust their thinking when people list it and I guess it will remain a mystery until the records at the radio station archives can be checked.

A French Canadian saying a show is "Montreal" to a non-French speaking person can easily be misunderstood to have said "Montreux" which is how I think the mistake happened.

Also circulates as Johnson Gym, Albuquerque, NM, 1-Aug-73.

Heads up before you burn this:

Track 9 repeats the first ~ 33 seconds. It starts, plays for 32.8 seconds, then there's a glitch. After the glitch it starts back at the exact same spot as the beginning of the track. Hence, a 32.882 second overlap. I used CoolEdit to remove the first portion and the glitch. If done right, it will be a sonically seamless transition from track 8 to where you pick up track 9. --> Corrected in this version!


This particular version was first uploaded to DIME by cosmikd in August 2005.
It was reseeded a few times without the extra track.

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