Mahavishnu Orchestra
John Mclaughlin- guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Jerry Goodman- violin
Rick Laird- bass
Billy Cobham- drums
Lenox Music Inn
Lenox, Mass. U.S.A.
July 21, 1973
performance quality: B+ (at least, pretty good)
recording quality: a solid B, maybe better
(it's pretty clear, good presence and consistent throughout.)
lineage: master tape > CD > CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
total runtime: 98:31
disc 1: 38:33
1; band introductions :55 (from previous source)
2: birds of fire 13:06
3: miles beyond 11:45
4: stepping tones 2:29
5: Sister Andrea 10:17
disc 2: 59:58
6: dream 24:11
7: one word 17:19 (complete at last)
8: sanctuary > 9:09
9: hope > 1:55
10: short drum solo > awakening 7:25
there were 2 different versions I've heard of this concert on dime already,
before I first posted this from a 2nd gen. source.
(why can't someone come up with 1 of Boston summer 73, around this same time?)
There are at least 2 more of this one (I think possibly all different sources) so
hey why not add a little more confusion? That is not really my style (even
though I can be damn good at it when I don't try to) but I'm doing it here
(maybe) because this was the best sounding version I've heard of this show,
and I thought I was getting an upgrade over my previous source, it may even
be a new source, if not, this is still the 1st post from this source with no
analog copying lineage in it.
Sounds like the mikes had a clear path to the stage (this makes a big difference
in sound of an aud ROIO regardless of anything else) and everyone is clearly heard
throughout. This taper did a nice job and my source (who doesn't want to be identified)
is I'm told a master cassette > CD copy of it. Although I have as many as 3 different
1st gen. of this one show, I think it sounds the clearest of all versions I've heard
(including the 2 previously posted on dime (both by other uploaders, this is my 2nd
post of this show.) I recommend starting disc 2 with track 5 (dream), which gives you
aprx 38 and 60 min. discs, but there are other suitable options if you prefer..
It has edited applause removed (almost entirely) between songs but amazingly
enough the dream isn't cut in the middle (that is quite unusual with Maha auds)
My 1st post of this show had a rather rude hack in the middle of one word (another
very common problem with Maha. auds.). This version appears to have no interrupted songs,
and it was a fine show. Not as good as the Boston one (that I still don't have) but still
very much in that area, and that's always a nice area.
the "M" in Mahavishnu Orchestra DOES NOT STAND FOR "mp3". But "mp3" stands for
"mutilated performance 3X" of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Acoustic assassination.
and glasnostrd19 will never do that to a Mahavishnu Orchestra concert.

So whatever you do
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
and may the LENOX
be with you
(whatever that is.)