Mahavishnu Orchestra
Johnson Gym
Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 1st, 1973

John McLaughlin - Guitar
Jan Hammer - Keyboards
Rick Laird - Bass
Billy Cobham - Drums

FM?>?>Cdr from trade>EAC>FLAC
* Quality? Got this as SBD but sounds like FM to me. VERY clear but thin.


T1 Band Intro :56
T2 Meeting Of The Spirits 14:32
T3 Miles Beyond 12:20
T4 Steppings (S)Tones 3:13 (cuts)
T5 Sister Andrea 9:31
T6 Dream 25:18


T1 I Wonder 5:43
T2 Short Drum solo :43
T3 ? 4:51
T4 Jan Solo>? 6:51

*Please help me fill in the setlist

I'm always wary to upload Mahavishnu MK I Shows as they are so bootleged, mixed up & bastardized. After looking at the Mclaughlin timeline & db.etree, the date & city of this don't really add up. I did get this from a highly respected (by me), "old School" fusion trader & the above info is what he passed on. That said, I suspect the info is dubious. I hope I'm not peddling an on old fave boot by mistake. REGARDLESS, this is a pretty good sounding show!