First Time Ever Shared after 35 years !!!!!

Exclusive Post by Dr. Fusion

A Note from the Taper:

This was recorded in Central Park in New York in what is called Wollman Ice Skating Rink which back in the 1970's was used for outdoor concerts. These concerts where a venue for me to see some of the great bands of all time like Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, King Crimson, Focus, Mountain, Blue Oyster Cult, The James Gang and of course The Mahavishnu Orchestra.
On the day before the Mahavishnu concert I had found out that they would be recording this event for their new album Between Nothingness & Eternity. The MO was there for the two nights on Aug 17th and 18th. The day before the concert it was announced on a radio station that they would be recording there new album there those two nights which was part of the Schaefer Music Festival. I called one of my friends who was there with us and he also says they were NOT there on Aug 5th because he would have been there since he worked about five blocks form Central Park and always had the heads up on these events and would have dragged me there. This guy remembers dates for gigs that I can't even remember that I was at but he was with me at about 90% of the shows that I have ever attended. I decided to take by Panasonic cassette boom box to the event to listen to some music while we were in Central Park during the day and while we were on line waiting to get in. I did not tell anybody I was going to tape until when we got to the gate. I said to my best friend " I brought an extra tape and I'm going to tape it". He looked at me like I had lost my mind. We decided to split form the rest of our group and we sat in the last row of the venue. When I say the last row I mean, if you imagine a football field and the bad is at the goal line I would say that we were past the 50 yard line. The reason for this was I felt that since the last row was above the crowd and the stage that we would get a better sound with less people talking. The only voice you hear are me and my friend who is a professional musician who plays the bass, he played under the name of Reverend Bruce. After the show was over we went back to my house to listen to what we had, we dared not try to listen to it while we left because we might not have made it out of there without picking up a couple of new friends if you know what I mean. When we listened to the tape we knew we had a gem on our hands, this tape stayed in my possession for over 35 years.
After discovering the Dr. Fusion website, we knew it was time to share this classic with others who love John McLaughlin and all the music that he has provided. I have to give a big shout out to the Reverend Bruce, since it was difficult for both of us to keep our mouths quiet for this show it was definitely worth it.


!!!!!!!!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Wollman Ice Skating Rink
Central Park
New York, USA

Taper: Mr.JazzFusion/Hip-Hop


Sound Quality: B


Panasonic "Boom Box" cassette recorder> 1st gen. Scotch cassette tape > transfered to Phillips CDR 820 Recorder > Nero 7 > CDR > EAC (Secure mode) > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC


John McLaughlin - Electric guitar
Jan Hammer - Keyboards, piano
Billy Cobham - Drums
Jerry Goodman - Electric violin
Rick Laird - Electric bass

Setlist: [*UPDATED]

01 - Sister Andrea
02 - Hope
03 - Awakening
04 - You know, You know
05 - One Word
06 - The Dance of Maya (end cuts)

Format: FLAC


Dr. Fusion

*****Filos35 (a.k.a Panagos) comments*****

So this is what a lot of people, including myself, waiting for a long time to come up!! I got it from Dr Fusion's blog and i was so happy that he shared it there! Looks like that only Trilogy and dream was used for the official release and sister andrea from the 18th. So i removed these two track from this upload. The only changes i did was fix some clipping problems because of the too much volume while recording and fix the dc offset. Also awakening and One Word was in parts so i just made them one complete track.
Say thank you to mr DR FUSION and mr MR. JAZZFUSION/HIP-HOP (the taper) for this!!!

Enjoy !!!!