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Mahavishnu Orchestra:

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Taped by: unknown, HANX :-)
Title: “Between Failure and Frustration”
File Size: 790MB
Length: 135:56min
Artwork added, couldn´t find better one.
Information: http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=60618

Shibuya Philharmonic Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 19th September 1973
CD1: (66:45min)
1) Crowd ~ Tuning ~ Announcement
2) Pray Silently One Minute ~ Gong Intro ~
3) Meeting Of The Spirits
4) Sister Andrea
5) Crowd ~ Tuning
6) The Dance Of Maya >
7) Awakening
8) Crowd ~ Tuning
9) Vital Transformation
CD2: (69:11min)
1) Crowd ~ Tuning
2) Dream
3) You Know You Know
4) Sanctuary
5) One Word
Length: 135:56min
John McLaughlin: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Jan Hammer: Keyboads
Jerry Goodman: Violin
Rick Laird: Bass
Billy Cobham: Drums

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