Live in spring and fall in Boston
(part 2, the fall)
Mahavishnu Orchestra
John McLaughlin: guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Jerry Goodman- violin
Rick Laird- bass
Billy Cobham- drums
Boston Music Hall
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
October 19, 1973
performance quality: A-
recording quality: mostly B, some speed problems in
a few parts.
source: master audience tape
runtime: 72:18
lineage: Sony TC-56 mono cassette deck (auto-leveling) >
Scotch Highlander master cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 > CD > CD extractor >
FLAC 6 > torrent. This would have been a 3 step
torrent except the computer with the FLAC files
in it died so thus CD-extractor lineage, but still
this is a first time master seed from this source.
This version has not been dolbied, noise-reduced
edited or processed, except to balance the levels
out on the master recording, and a little ICPVR
(individual clap peak volume reduction).
1: tuning
2: band introductions
4: the sunlit path (trilogy)
5: sister andrea (beginning cuts in)
6: the dance of maya (end cuts)
7: encore break, tuning and hope >
8: celestial terrestrial commuters
We're not sure which, but this is either an early or late show,
close to complete, mastered (unfortunately) on C-60s so a few cuts.
I think this one is the late show. I saw Maha. 3x in 72, 3 more in
73 all in Boston, but never a late show, and worst of all, deckless
for all! But this is from my friend's master recording, fairly clean
recording, a fine show. He did a remaster where he fixed the speed
flaws and made it sound alot nicer, one problem with that, it was out
of order and difficult to resequence correctly, so he is eventually
going to try that again. Too bad because he had it sounding like there
were no flaws at all, and it took a lot of work to do that. But I
remastered it for him in correct order, now he can work with that and
the finished result will also be in order, but it sounds good enough
to enjoy raw without any processing. It's spring, the time of year for
Mahavishnu torrents. I wish I had alot more considering what I've seen
from them, and how much I love this group, but I do have part of another
one and that's coming. That is not a from- master seed, but this one is,
so enjoy it. From the same source soon comes a JM/CS 73 show which
I will post when I can. My whole upload schedule is backlogged 2 months
plus, but it's coming. Once again, Bertha has saved the day for this
torrent, and several others among what were supposed to be my 1st 25
uploads, saving me precious remastering time.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.