Mahavishnu Orchestra
Frankfurt, Germany
July 9th, 1974


John McLaughlin - Electric Doubleneck Guitar
Jean-Luc Ponty - Electric Violin
Gayle Moran - Organ, Vocals
Ralphe Armstrong - Electric Bass
Narada Michael Walden - Drums
Bob Knapp - Flute, Percussion
Steve Frankovitch - Horns
Steve Kindler - Acoustic Violin
Carol Shive - Acoustic Violin
Marsha Westbrook - Viola
Phillip Hirschi - Cello

Disc One:
1. Frankfurt MC Intro > Tuning > John Speaks 5:07
2. "Moment of Silence" 1:03
3. Power of Love 5:48
4. Wings of Karma 23:21
5. John Speaks > Band Intros > Smile of the Beyond (Pt. 1) 13:57
6. Smile of the Beyond (Pt. 2) 15:05

Disc Two:
1. Vision Is A Naked Sword 27:50
2. John Speaks > Hymn To Him 36:40

Disc Three:
1.Audience...Tuning 3:46
2.Dawn 18:33

Here is a rare Mahavishnu 74'Show that was just sent to me. It's a surprisingly good, clear aud for the time- IMO. If you have the Central Park Show I posted, this CLEARLY sounds better, I think. The combination of JM,JLP,RA & NMW was a an amazing thing.

Thanks goes to agalli for sending it & figuring out the set list for me as well.