1974 Detroit MI

- - - Mahavishnu Orchestra - - -

John McLaughlin
Jean Luc Ponty
Narada Michael Walden
Ralphe Armstrong
Gayle Moran
Steve Kindler
Bob Knapp
Steve Frankovitch
Philip Hirschi
Carol Shive
Marsha Westbrook

01 - Vision is a Naked Sword
02 - Power of Love
03 - Wings of Karma
04 - Smile of The Beyond
05 - Hymn to Him
06 - Dawn

venue : Masonic Auditorium
City / state : Detroit, Michigan
Date : May 6, 1974
Length : 108 minutes

Cassette > PC (Soundforge) Wave > Flac.frontend Level.8

The Mahavishnu Orchestra at the Masonic Auditorium in Detroit
May 6, 1974 at only the 5th concert of the world tour of the new line up of
Mahavishnu Orchestra promoting the Apocalypse LP, previous shows in
(Washington 5/1, Columbus 5/2, Cincinnati 5/3, Cleveland 5/4)

An audience recording on a mono recorder but quite good quality
one of the better tapes of this band the taper turned the tape off at the end
of songs to save tape and there are 2 tape flip / tape end breaks (1 near the end
of " Wings of Karma " there is a one second gap, and near the end of
" Hymn to Him " at 26 minutes a tape change missed a few minutes and
restarts just before the end there is also a one second gap to mark the break

** note ** John McLaughlin, Jean Luc Ponty, Narada Walden did perform the
song " Hymn to Him " at a concert on Febuary 21, 1974 in Buffalo with the Buffalo
Philharmonic with Michael Tilson Thomas conducting but so far no tapes have
surfaced on the inside gatefold of 'Electric Guitarist' LP there is a photo of
John McLaughlin holding the Rex Bogue double neck wearing a tuxedo taken
at that Buffalo concert.

original extracted wav files 1.06 gig converted to flac using Flac Frontend @ level 8 = 507 meg

a simple front and back CD cover is included print and then cut off the
outer black border line the back cover is rotated to avoid the problem
of printers that by default print to fit page width.

** trivia ** the small photo of John McLaughlin used on the back cover
is actually from this Detroit concert

This line up is often refered to amongst collectors simply as MO-2


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