Mahavishnu Orchestra
Feb. 7, 1975

aud B+/B

Some tape magnetism and audience bleed.Overall a bit "boomy".

The Wichta show sounds a bit cleaner.

AUD>Ukn. equipment>trade CDR>Db> Traders little helper> flac level8

This has been previously seeded on Dime, However this is a trade copy.

John McLaughlin (guitar)
Jean-Luc Ponty (violin)
Gayle Moran (organ, voc)
Ralphe Armstrong (bass)
Michael Walden (drums)
Bob Knapp (flute & percussion)
Steve Frankovitch (horns)
Steve Kindler & Carol Shive (violins)
Marsha Westbrook (alto)
Phillip Hirschi (cello)

Disc 1
1. Eternity's Breath Part 1
2. Eternity's Breath Part 2
3. You Know You Know
4. Sanctuary
5. Band Member intro's

TT: 42:58

Disc 2
1 If I Could See / Be Happy
2.Cosmic Strut
3-6 Vision is a Naked Sword (cut during Ponty's solo)

TT: 43:16