Grona Lund
Stockholm, Sweden
August 11th 1975

AUD>?>Cdr from Trade>EAC>FLAC

B? Check sample & read notes below

*This is NOT to be confused with the well circulated show from Kulturhuset in Stockholm on July 2nd 75' which featured the larger Mahavishnu ensemble!

T1 Meeting Of The Spirits 12:52
T2 Open Country Joy 7:18
T3 Miles Beyond>Sanctuary 11:15
T4 JM Talks :59
T5 All in the Family 6:08


Here's a very rare Maha MK 2B Show. My trading buddy, agalli, picked this up from his GER connection. I would describe the recording as crunchy with oversaturation (mostly NMW) but nicely "in your face" with JM's guitar highly audible and on fire! I prefer this kind of old recording to a distant & hissy aud from that time. Big Mclauglin Fans might need it whereas lighter ones can stick to the FMs?