Mahavishnu Orchestra
Theatre Antique
Orange, France
17 August 1975
"Festival Rock d'Orange"
Source: Audience recording
Lineage: CDr > EAC > Wav > Sound Studio (editing, tracking) > xACT (Flac, tags)
Editing: Spliced together two parts of Pilgrim (no music lost), normalised volume (tracks 7-9 were noticeably quieter)

I received this as two tracks (presumably the two sides of the tape that was transferred) from a long time MO trader so this could be from a low gen tape.

Set List:
01. Meeting Of The Spirits
02. Open Country Joy
03. You Know You Know
04. Band Intro Jam
05. Sanctuary
06. Way Of The Pilgrim
07. All In The Family (splice at 3.16)
08. One Word
09. Hope/Dawn

October 2012