Mahavishnu Orchestra
Reading Rock Festival
Reading, UK

Liberated Boot-"Deep of Immortality-Live at Reading Festival 1975"

John McLaughlin-guitar
Stu Goldberg-keys
Ralphe Amrstrong-bass
Narada Michael Walden-drums

1-Meeting of the Spirits
3-Open Country Joy/Jam
5-You Know You Know
6-One Word/All in the Family

Source- Audience recording on unknown equipment; liberated boot, as identified above; WAV to Flac via TLH> torrent creation TLH> DIME

1975 stripped-down MO from Inner Worlds album performing during their last few months, shortly before John's Shakti focus for the next few years. Material drawn largely from original MO and Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire albums with small nod towards Inner Worlds here and there.
Recording is surprisingly decent. Some ridiculous near "Cheech and Chong" audience banter picked up at times and kept in on bootleg, but when band is playing that's not an issue. Mainly fast and furious performance that's listenable despite the circumstances of the recording and equipment used at the time. Boot had many songs mis-named (e.g. Dawn identified on label as You Know You Know; You Know You Know labeled as Hope). I fixed that.
Not sure if this has been on DIME in the past. I put it up now because of another 75 snippet being put up earlier this week and a comment that there's not much from this incarnation of MO in circulation. If this is new to anyone, that'll be great.Thanks to whoever recorded this back in the summer of 1975.
Please support all of these artists (I'm listening to a Stu Goldberg live cd with Palle Danielsson and John Christenen as I write this) by buying their commercially available output and by going to see them live. On that note, I certainly hope to see something from the current 4th Dimension Europe tour uploaded soon-early thanks to whoever might do that.