Mahavishnu Orchestra
John McLaughlin- guitar/ syntar!
Stu Goldberg- keyboards
Ralph Armstrong- bass
"Narada" Michael Walden- drums
Meehan Auditorium
Providence, R.I.
October 16, 1975
source: master cassette > soundforge 4.5 (WAV) >
CD > CD extractor (WAV) >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
runtime: 64:57
1: tuning 2:18
2: meeting of the spirits > 11:14
3: you know, you know 4:05
4: all in the family 9:07
5: open country joy 10:32
6: sanctuary 10:45
7: band introductions > 1:49
8: one word 15:03
this is the only recording I've heard yet from the "inner worlds"
era, the last Maha. Orch. album and tour. there were not alot of
shows on this tour since Shakti was already under way in mid 75.
the quality varies some, mainly because the bass is too loud in
parts (and Ralph Armstrong has a loud, strong style of playing)
but it comes from a master made with a Sony TC56 cassette deck and
unknown model Sony tieclip mike. this is a raw transfer, only
level balancing and some individual loud clap reduction was done,
no EQ or noise reduction or other processing was applied. this
recording has likely seen some tape circulation, but this is the
1st time I know of it being posted. some might find it a bit
annoying that there's all of 1 song in this show from Inner Worlds.
Others may be glad, since all the rest is from the original lineup
repertoire. If you're wondering how many McLaughlin on guitar/synth
shows there are, probably more than this, the only one I've heard.
he mentions having a "new instrument, a guitar synthesizer" before
playing All in the Family. I think the tape flip was before Sanctuary,
not sure, but there is just one tape flip (rec. on a 90 min. cassette)
there was one of these shows at Brandeis Univ. in Waltham, Mass.
around this same time but I've yet to hear a recording of it, or
even hear of there being a recording of it. if anyone has it,
please post it up. the sound in there would probably not be very
good, and not great here either but it's quite listenable sound
quality and these Inner Worlds shows are rather hard to come by.
John's experiment with the syntar was not a long one.
this was a good show too, lots of fire from a hot band. I don't
know how many shows they did after this, but it wasn't many.
do not sell this recording.
trade freely and losslessly.