--- Mahavishnu Orchestra ----
Bilzen Festival, Belgium

John McLaughlin
Narada Walden
Ralphe Armstrong
Stu Goldberg

01 : Meeting of The Spirits
02 : Miles Beyond
03 : You Know You Know
04 : Open Country Joy
05 : Band Intro Jam
06 : Sanctuary
07 : Planetary Citizen (incomplete)
08 : Planetary Citizen (final part from Holland Aug 14, 1975)
09 : Way of The Pilgrim (from Orange France Aug 17, 1975)
10 : All in The Family (from Orange France Aug 17, 1975)

City\event : Bilzen Jazz & Blues Festival
Country\date : Belgium August 15, 1975
length : 62 mins 40 secs

This Mahavishnu Orchestra "Inner Worlds" 1975 line up is referred
to amongst collectors simply as MO-3

Appearing at the Bilzen Festival in Belgium the tapers tape
ran out during "Planetary Citizen" to make it more complete
the end of the song from a poor quality tape from the day before
in Holland is used for track 8. And to round out the set list of
what they were playing on that tour included is "Way of The Pilgrim"
and "All in The Family" from Orange in France 2 days later.

The taper (Yves ????) said John McLaughlin used a Moog prototype
guitar Synthesizer (the guitar was plugged into a deck that had the
switches and more that you see on a moog) but it became faulty after
a few songs and he then switched to a Les Paul (standard?).

CDR > Plextools extract to wav > Flac Frontend level 6

original extracted wav files 632 meg converted to flac using
Flac Frontend @ level 8 = 214 meg , @ level 6 = 215 meg

a front and back CD cover is included print and then cut off the
outer black border line.

footnote: 3 photos in a JPG from the Bilzen concert of the Moog
guitar synthesizer not great photos but any at all are quite rare
can be viewed here



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