the Newhavishnu Orchestra
(they call it "mahavishnu", I can't do that)
John Mclaughlin- guitar
Bill Evans- sax
Mitch Forman- keyboards
Jonas Hellborg- bass
Dan Gottlieb- drums
Opera House
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
October 11, 1984 (full show)
the Living Room
Providence, R.I. U.S.A.
October 3, 1984 (1st 3 songs only, very incomplete source)
performance quality (inho)- A-
recording quality: B+ (very nice)
lineage: Nak. 100 mikes (3rd row center) >
Sony D-5 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes >
my copy (same, copied Nak to Nak or maybe D-5 to Nak.) >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > CD > CD extractor (WAV) >
flac 6 > torrentially yours.
Providence is the same except without the CD > CD extractor part.
runtime: 126:28 for all
(just Boston show, 97:30, it was a little shorter than usual show.)
setlist: disc 1 65:41
1: radioactivity 7:00
2: Clarendon Hills 8:48
3: nostalgia 10:05
4: east side, west side 13:00
5: blues for L.W. 15:58
6: living in the crest of a wave 10:47
disc 2 60:48
7: Pacific Express 19:59
8: ? 5:44
9: ? 6:06
10: radioactivity (Providence 10/3/84) 9:49
11: Clarendon Hills (Providence 10/3/84) 9:00
12: nostalgia (Providence 10/3/84) 10:08
both of these were made with the same Nak. 100 mikes and
Sony D-5 cassette deck. the Providence version of "nostalgia"
has a couple of brief speed flaws, most is quite enjoyable,
and neither have been posted to my knowledge.
the etree guide does not list either of these shows,
and several of their 84 listings say the drummer was Billy Cobham.
This is absolutely false. Cobham did not play on this tour.
this listed band was the regular lineup for the 84 and 85
tour until Jim Beard replaced Forman on the keyboards (86?,
maybe 85?). A few titles may be missing, most should be here.
I think Just Ideas and Josie found their way in this set but
not sure where, I think the 2 ? tracks are other songs.
This is not my favorite McLaughlin tour, but it is the jazziest
Mahavishnu band of the lot and I'm sure some folks will appreciate
that. hard not to appreciate anything with Jonas Hellborg in it.
Radioactivity is the most Mahavishnulike song this band does,
so having 2 versions of it here shouldn't be too hard to take.
The Boston show is the full concert (one brief flip interruption,
and not a bad one). The Providence one is the 1st 3 songs of that show.
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
A "mahavishnu" is NOT a unit of cash in any country.