Mairtin O'Conner Trio
Botanic park Adelaide 2010-03-06
afternoon set. Zoo stage
Mairtin o'Connor, accordion
Cathal Hayden, fiddle, banjo
Seamie O'Dowd, guitar

the reconciliation reel
the plough and stars
the green mountain
Catwalk ) one wind gust fixed, bass drop )
The Home Ruler > ?
Cedars Of Lebanon
Inshigill >trip to Turk
Banjo solo
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
the crossroads set
The Boys Of Coonamore
Tongs By The Fire
The Hunter’s House
The Rose In The Garden

it was a very gusty and wet day, we protected the mics from the wind as much as possible, there are probably three or four clunks that have not been completely removed or which have let to unavoidable audible drops in sound , otherwise this is a fine sounding set. No aud chat.
SP CMC-8-25 >Edirol R-09 deck> SP battery Box> wav file 16 bit >Mac Pro>Audition (volume adjustments,remove or tone down applause using spectral frequency )> xact flac transfer
recorded. mastered and transferred by Godzgolfball

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