The Malarians
Live 2010-06-11
The Lucky Dog Music Hall
Worcester, MA

AUD 44k/16b

Lineage: Core Sound DPA 4061 + Mic2496 V2 combo (96k/24b)
> Sony PCM-D50
> Adobe Audition 3.0 (
down-sampling to 44.1k/16b
> TLH to check for and correct SBEs
> dbPowerAmp (FLAC level 8)

Taper: Sheltmaster
Location: Middle of the room, half-way back.

Total Time: 48 minutes

01 (welcome)
02 Tuesday's Child
03 Ten O'Clock [Question Mark & The Mysterians]
04 Never Let Go [The Magic Mushrooms]
05 (intro-1)
06 Taking Over
07 (intro-2)
08 Tears [The Miracle Workers]
09 (intro-3)
10 One Time Only
11 (intro-4)
12 Little Girl [The Syndicate of Sound]
13 Sky Wild
14 (intro-5)
15 Once Upon A Time (In Your Mind)
16 (intro-6)
17 No
18 (intro-7)
19 Do Like Lime
20 (intro-8)
21 Get Outta Dallas!
22 Good Times
23 (thank you)

Mal Thursday: vocals, organ, harmonica
Bob Medley organ, guitar
Johnny Tomorrow guitar, vocals
Les Fillin bass
Lime Rickey drums

Full bill (first to last):
Stress Relief [not recorded]
The Malarians [this recording]
The Lyres, recorded, to be posted
The Immolators [not recorded]


- The Malarians are a band formed in the five-college area of western
Massachusetts (centered around Northampton) that has spawned many other
bands, including Dinosaur Jr. The Malarians were active from 1984 to
1990. They recently reunited for a short tour of Massachusetts,
opening for their old bill-mates Lyres in Boston and Worcester, and
headlining shows in their hometown.

- This was my first time at The Lucky Dog Music Hall (formerly known
as Sir Morgan's Cove) and I was surprised by the quality of the sound
system. This recording came out excellent and is among the very best
that I have made. Crank it and enjoy!

- Also included in this torrent are a selection of posters for this show
and for the reunion tour in general.

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2d50ca396c86fae52730472641c193f4 *03 Ten O'Clock [Question Mark & The Mysterians].flac
b01bc46bc6431f126f0857ff29d71300 *04 Never Let Go [The Magic Mushrooms].flac
5701f5e7672eb41a8756180ed0f3455f *05 (intro-1).flac
d5906fc4066c73f879de67d80738cec1 *06 Taking Over.flac
19f08d2612f750e790c317507af5aa0c *07 (intro-2).flac
d885b499675e6da2c5ecc490bb71fdbc *08 Tears [The Miracle Workers].flac
b5a6e132b82277af26f21d7dd49158a9 *09 (intro-3).flac
30fd67ce665564e275cff5c54cad51d9 *10 One Time Only.flac
526423b95e2035b24f69cbfd40a4df1a *11 (intro-4).flac
de3d555e9a2302d2e245d8193fe6259d *12 Little Girl [The Syndicate of Sound].flac
b15949446a6827fe14e80fb37479a707 *13 Sky Wild.flac
8af9346143d8adfa2115316037a36959 *14 (intro-5).flac
7c24320e8e801c8259bdda7c2627ca66 *15 Once Upon A Time (In Your Mind).flac
f229cb30816e8bd704f7b5df91f13b64 *16 (intro-6).flac
087e7ebbd3dad70fd0ff6f92cdfdc719 *17 No.flac
194932c9a6971bd5c2edebfea5e79d5d *18 (intro-7).flac
28e2ecee431b7b328a523b7ee4812c86 *19 Do Like Lime.flac
2bb4b6dae2e9fd798a5406b870ac9f0e *20 (intro-8).flac
55da4a3ef8b4e173fcc2fa458aaa7d9b *21 Get Outta Dallas!.flac
1656fcf859ef08fc63c1c5fbd25a61ce *22 Good Times.flac
9748e45cf1008d03dfb161661443c793 *23 (thank you).flac

No errors occurred.

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