Paunchy Cats, Lichtenfels, Germany
September - 06 - 2013
Opening for Radio Moscow

from SEETHEFUZZ7 collection # 033

Rec. Info:
AIWA CM30 Mic -> Olympus LS11 (at WAV 16/44) -> SD -> WETRANSFER -> my HD -> Audacity (edit, volume balance + boost) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by dear SEETHEFUZZ7 at first row almost dead center. Everything fine here with a little exception: The indoor sound system seems to be a bit muddy. This misses a bit
the clarity of other recordings done by this tapemaster from Nuernberg. So, he's not to blame. Let's see how the other two recordings from that day will turn out, and also the
alternative recordings by SETHELIGHT7...

I've already posted the FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL show from these young gents from Nykoepping, Sweden before. Here's a more extended show, clocking in at about 50+ minutes than the other
show, where the first song was missing due to late equipment change between the tapers. Anyway, I'm not too impressed about what I got to listen, as I would rate this as "just another
heavy 70's stoner/doom band from Scandinavia. The influence of bands like Black Sabbath or Leaf Hound is (for my taste) a bit too obvious, but hellyeah, they just released their first
full length album a year ago, so there's a lot of time to develop their sound into one way or the other...Enjoy! SB

FULL SHOW (50:46 min.)

01. Mammuten -> (5:40)
02. Jag ser ett froe (6:19)
03. Stonehill universe (6:07)
04. Creatures (7:34)
05. Blind man (Part 2) (8:44)
06. Satans farsoner (8:50)
07. Carnal desire (7:30)

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If you might be burned in hell...


guitar & vocals: Karl Adolfsson
guitar: Jonathan W�rds�ter
bass: Victor W�rds�ter
drums: Jimmy Karlsson

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