Mamou - Studio Demos January 1991

Steve LaFleur - Guitar and Vocals
Joe Fontenot - bass
Jonno Frischberg - Violib
Kevin - Drums

For those of you that don't know this band they were the bad boys of Cajun music. A bayou based band,
they pleyed hard electric takes on Cajun classics as well as their own material. They even burned a fiddle
on a grill at the Crawfish Festival in Beaux Bridge one time. After their debut cd on Jungle Records was
picked up by MCA Records, MCA keep them on retainer to stay off the road and work on material for
a follow up release. These demos are the fruits of that. Unfortuantely MCA got bought out and Mamou
got dropped and the cd was never finished or released. They went on to record more traditional
material for Rounder Records

This collection is from a first generation cassette

1 Best Friend
2 Sun is Shining
3 Paw Paw and Papa
4 One Fine Day
5 Toy Town
6 Slut Puppy
7 Black Women
8 Be My Squirl
9 Anson Two Step
10 Back Door
11 Poor Hobo
12 Jiti Obal
13 Joe Pitre
14 Two Step