!!!***Warning !!! ### Only for real Maniacs ### Inferior Sound Quality !!!***!!!

On a scale from 1-10 I would rate it as 3.

Hi Maniacs,
thanks to all guys who torrented really fantastic quality tapes (e.g. Berkeley & Verona!!!)
But somewhere in the lines was remarked: "Man at their best" & I cannot agree to that.
Back in 1971/72 Man were at their best, but there are only few recordings out from that time.
So here is one when they played really at their best, but unfortunately the sound quality is awful !!!
Hopefully the real fans will enjoy anyway, because it was an amazing good show.

The played in Darmstadt 1 day after my 17th birthday and I was there taping it (imagine the equip that time).
The equipment was a Philips mono cass.rec., which did quite good recordings before.
But we choose the wrong place (on the gallery) and we got all the feedback (hiss) from the walls to the mic.
In the afternoon Man played a little football & Terry broke one of his toes and was still at the hospital
when the concert started. So Ron Howden of Nektar played the drums instead for the 1st part of the set.
Terry joined later for the Session with Nektar.

This is a very unique piece, I'm sure, the real maniacs will enjoy it anyway.
If somebody is able to do some refreshment on this with equalizers & such things,
I would highly appreciate an upgrade !!!

Lineage: Cass.master>DAT>CD wav>flac.

Martin Ace
Micky Jones
Clive John
Deke Leonhard
Ron Howden (Nektar), later also Terry Williams

MAN - DARMSTADT 24.03.1971

CD 1 : Darmstadt, Otto - Berndt - Halle 24.03.1971 - Part 1 (79:15)

Introduction / Stage Announcements (05:01)
Spunk Rock (Great Intro !) (29:01)
Would The Christians Wait Five Minutes ? - The Lions Are Having A Draw (19:38)
Daughter Of The Fireplace (07:35)
The Storm (17:55)

CD 2 : Darmstadt, Otto - Berndt - Halle 24.03.1971 - Part 2 (80:00)

Life On The Road (early version) (06:45)
Country Girl (05:10)
Romain (12:33)
Blue Suede Shoes (10:36)
I'm A Man (06:45)
Man - Session with NEKTAR - Part 1 (22:22)
Man - Session with NEKTAR - Part 2 (15:36)

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